Flammable Liquid Storage

One of the few companies in Ontario with the specialized knowledge and experience to design and build storage rooms for flammable liquid containment, Hull Enterprises provides solutions for the safe storage of all classes and quantities of flammable liquids and materials. We will have an initial consultation with our client to review the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and quantities requiring storage. We will custom design and build flammable liquid storage containment and processing facilities that will meet your needs. In addition, we will ensure to meet all the necessary building and fire code requirements when designing and building your flammable storage unit.

We also construct:
• Safety Storage and Dispensing Rooms
• Class 1B and 1C Flammable Storage Rooms
• Class 1A Explosion Proof Rooms
• Aerosol Storage Rooms

Fire and Building Code Consultation
Our goal at Hull Enterprises aims to make your project as simple as possible. We always start in consultation with our client to identify major building and fire code requirements, and to determine your specific storage needs in order to comply with all the codes. We will also ascertain if there are any additional insurance standards above the Ontario building codes. We will make any modifications necessary to satisfy the fire and building codes. This work will happen quickly and thoroughly, with all elements taken into account, so you do not have to worry.

Building Permit Review and Application
When planning a building project, we need to have in place a number of required permits and approvals before we begin to build. Provincial regulations have established required permits and mostly all municipalities in Ontario oblige companies to acquire these permits before building.

The permits required are established by Provincial regulation and will generally be needed in any municipality in Ontario. In keeping with our ideals, Hull Enterprises takes care of permit review, consultation and application with a pre-building consultation to indicate the feasibility of the proposed development and determine any special considerations, zoning or land-use regulations for the property.